Feel good about where your marketing dollars are going

All too often, I see small businesses being ripped off by “creatives” or “marketers” that are charging ridiculous amounts of money in exchange for very little work. The worst culprits, or offenders, often go by names such as social media marketers. They charge their clients anywhere from $100 per month to $1000 or more, in exchange for posting some content on the customer’s company Facebook or Instagram page. And worst of all, these marketers typically aren’t held up to any standards. They aren’t expected to gain a certain number of new followers, attract a specified amount of new business, or reach any agreed upon number of potential prospects or customers. That’s a problem.

If you’re paying someone real money, you’d better get real results back. A return on investment. You should feel good about where your marketing dollars are going, and understand what that investment is really producing. As a marketer, I get frustrated when I see my clients and friends shelling out money for things that bring back little to no value. And it’s not that these people are stupid – quite the opposite. It’s just that they don’t have something to compare against. What do you pay for something you have no idea about?

Recently, I helped a client transition from paying $200 per month for a custom Wi-Fi solution to less than $200 per year! I won’t name the company charging the ridiculous $2400 per year, but they’re a big player in the branded Wi-Fi space. The only thing my client wanted to do was capture email addresses for everyone that connected to their free wireless internet. It’s a simple thing to do. But sadly, most businesses that have custom Wi-Fi solutions pay just as much if not more than my client was paying.

Here’s the kicker: Treat your customers well. It’s good advice in any line of business, and marketing is no exception. If you put out great work at a fair price, your customers will remain loyal and bring you plenty of new business (even by word of mouth alone). Stop trying to pad your wallet, and put in the hours and sacrifice needed to make your customers happy.

Sam Miller